Southern Power’s story has started in 1974. The company has gone from strength to strength to become one of the preferred companies that serve the marine and mobile vehicle solutions industries in Southern Africa. We have asked Independent Executive Business Leader / Strategist Jacques Brϋmmer to give us some context to the company’s success.

Who is Jacques Brϋmmer?

Intrinsically I am a salesperson at heart who loves engaging with clients and finding solutions to their needs. I have been in the industrial engine space since my early twenties, working across multiple industries from On-Highway, buses, and construction to mining. It has only been in the last 9 years that I have been engaged in the marine industry which I find extremely exciting and challenging.

I was extremely privileged in my early career to be mentored by Trevor Bayley Madeley for over 15 years who showed me you can do successful business with integrity and that there is always a solution to be found where both parties win. I try and continue this philosophy in all my business dealings and impart the same ethos to all our employees.

What are you most passionate about?

Loving the outdoors, I am very conscious of the environment and the joy it gives us, and as an avid, albeit very average surfer the sea and its protection are very precious to me. One will notice as part of our rebrand exercise there is a big focus on environmentally impactful products that contribute to lessening the impact on our environment.

The vision for the company is to continue to make strides in this arena and push and support our principal partners in developing less environmentally harmful and ultimately emission-free products where possible to ensure we save our beautiful planet for generations to come.

What makes Southern Power different from other competitors?

I think the main differences are that we are a small but agile company that is passionate about what we do. We believe in fair business that creates sustainability for us and makes our clients more successful. I am inspired by the Patagonia story “Let my people surf” and Japanese business philosophy and am focused on filtering each business decision through a strategy lens that ensures we are still around in 100 years. This is quite different from most businesses’ outlook that is often focused purely on growing sales exponentially and maximising profit every year.

What excites you the most about where this company is heading?

After 9 years in this particular industry, I am still excited daily by opportunities that are presented and have embarked on expanding our product portfolio and our distribution network for some products across Sub-Saharan Africa. We are working hard at securing new Volvo Penta IPS commercial builds in South Africa which will be a first and position SA commercial boat builders a serious contender with best-in-class builders in Europe and the USA. Torqeedo, Whisperpower, and OXE are developing very exciting and broader product ranges that will cater to a growing number of environmentally conscious customers and hopefully all customers in the future.

Are you planning to bring any new brands for the marine industry or mobile solutions in near future?

We are continuously expanding our product portfolio. We have just launched a few new innovative brands in line with our strong environmentally conscious approach. We have included an environmentally friendly antifouling system SONIHULL, marine water makers FCI and wastewater treatment systems brand HEADHUNTERS.

Are you present in Africa or planning any further expansion into Africa?

We have numerous African distributors for our specific brands across Angola, Nigeria, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Senegal, and Namibia but are searching for more partners across the continent that share the same ethos as we do and are committed to serving our customers and the planet.